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Pricing – FAQs

Summary: This article addresses most questions about Pricing plans

1.What payment methods does Datadeck accept?

A. We accept creditcards to make payments and all payments are secured via Stripe.

2. The pricing is in which currency?

A. All pricing plans are in USD- American Dollar $.

3. What is considered a “user” in Datadeck?

A. A user is anyone who has signed up for Datadeck and created a Space. A user can be invited to sign up or join an existing space. People who view a public share link who do not have an account in Datadeck are not categorized as users.

4. Do I have to pay more to share a dashboard with many view-only users?

A. A Dashboard can be viewed by multiple people via a Public share link, there is no fee for view-only access which is granted by a Public Share Link. However, if you wish to share your dashboard with view-only users, then it is based on the number of users in your space and according to your plan(Free, Team or Enterprise).

5. Can I trial any plan before upgrading?

A. Everyone can try Datadeck for 14 days before upgrading to a plan based on their business and analytics needs.

6. What support and help resources do you provide for each plan?

A. We have a Help Center which has help articles that cover help related topics, FAQs, troubleshooting, etc.

Product-related support varies according to each Plan:

Hobby Plan – Email Support

Team Plan – In-Product chat & Email Support

Business Plan – In-Product chat & Email Support

Enterprise Plan – Call, In-Product & Email Support

* All users can browse through our Help Center to troubleshoot their questions.

7. How do I calculate the price for each user?

A. When purchasing a subscription, the selected plan determines per-member price, and the current number of members in the space is used to calculate the total price. The first cycle is charged immediately.

8. What is a Datadeck subscription?

A. Datadeck subscriptions start at $39/month per user per space billed annually($49/month billed monthly). They allow users to enjoy more features, more storage, more data connections, in-product chat and more. A subscription is bound to a space and all subscriptions are prepaid.

9. What is a connector/ data connection?

A. A connector or “data connection” is any connection from a data source you add to your space. For example, if you have 2 Google Drive accounts and 1 Google Analytics account, that will be counted as 3 data connections.

10. Does the free plan have an expiration date?

A. Our free trial period ends after 14 days and you will enroll automatically into our free Hobby plan

11. Why should I upgrade to a paid plan, why not just use the free plan?

A. The free Hobby plan has limitations. If you wish to use more data connections, apply dashboard filters, use calculated metrics, or other features that are only available in the Start-Up, Business or Enterprise Plan, users can upgrade anytime.

12. Do I get a discount or reward if I refer Datadeck to more users?

A. Datadeck has an affiliate program. We encourage you to join our program and grow with us. For more details, kindly visit our Affiliate Page.

13. How many users do I pay for when I upgrade?

A. You have to pay for the total number of users and yourself when you upgrade. Example if there are 4 users in your space and you wish to upgrade then you must pay for 5 users.

14. Can I add more members after I submit payment?

A. You can add members to your space at any time and you will get billed accordingly in your next billing cycle.

15. What if I delete members after I submit payment? Do you issue a refund?

A. Refunds are issued only in the form of Datadeck credit, which will be adjusted in the next billing cycle and you will be billed accordingly.

16. How are refund credits done?

A. A payer can get credit in two ways:

a) A credit can be directly granted to a payer in Stripe.

b) A change in subscription (e.g., decreasing number of members in an annual subscription) can result in a credit. In this case, the credit is only reflected when the next invoice is paid.

c) Credit is maintained at payer level (instead of subscription level).

d) Credit cannot be cashed out.

e) When paying an invoice for a subscription, available credit will be deducted first and remaining amount will be charged to credit card.

17. Do I need to manually renew my plan at the end of subscription?

A. You need not make manual payments at the end of your subscription. All subscriptions are recurring. Recurrent billing date is based on purchase date:

a) If you purchased monthly plan on 01/05/2018, your next invoice will be generated on 02/05/2018.

b) If you purchased annual plan on 1/5/2018, your next invoice will be generated on 1/5/2019 (assuming no changes are made during the cycle).

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