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How to change your login email & username

Summary: This article will help you learn the process to change your login/username through our help desk.

Many users end up shifting their accounts or emails at some point or another due to their company name shifting or domain changes, so we know it will happen. If this is the case what you can do is send us a support ticket either via email at or click on the bottom right-hand chat icon and send us the following.

(This is a multi-step process, so please make sure to verify your changes when we need you to verify)

・Your registered email:
・Your new email:

  1. We will receive your request via intercom or another communication tool
  2.  We will send an email from our customer support team to to verify your request
  3. We will receive a confirmation email from you verifying the change. (Note: If you do not verify the change via the original email; we cannot proceed)
  4. Once verified, our team will process the changes for the registered email address from aaa to bbb
  5. We will send a follow-up notification email to you (the client) that we have changed the registered email address and you can use the product with no problem.

If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to get in touch with our support team.

Have a data-filled day,

-Datadeck Support

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