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Use Enhance Language To Enhance Your Data Communication

Language skills when communicating data needs and results is a supremely needed skill when using language to break down complex data. We have to admit that massive amounts of data sets, compiled into articulate charts that are translateable help immensely, and that is why is one of the best tools on the market. However, the questions that should come up in your mind is then what? What do you do with those charts?

Today we will break down a simple three-step process for using data and language to benefit your company in presentations, reporting, and growth. The acronym CAT is the first part of this, and it stands for Compile, Articulate, and Translates.

Compiling is the act of giving an 80,000-foot view of the report to come, which gives the readers not only a simplified version of what they are looking at but also the rationale of the good that has come from the data as well as the areas of improvements found.

Articulate breaks down the ability for data sections to be broken down showing the highs and lows of trends at a more refined level. This view does not mean you cannot use technical language as every industry has its variation of functional style, but it does mean that the words used are going to be more concise in the way they are developed or presented. There is no sense in using overly convoluted language to articulate something that can be summed up in a bullet point.

Translate(s) is the last phase of the break down of data in any company. Now you could take the presentation of data and metrics at face value; you could make the meaning of the word translates in the same way. However, in this phase, translate or translates means action steps. Think about it in the format of A+B=C as this model lends itself to helping individuals learn the motions of the data so that they can either course correct, capitalize, or even get feedback from developers, departments or heads of the company. This area allows you to take the information and dissect so that steps can be done efficiently and on time. The biggest problem with most companies is that they get lost in the translation, transition, and service of their product and they have either a hard time translating what is needed to break any downward trends efficiently. This is why 3 out of every five startups fail within the first five years.

In summary, learning the CAT principle can help you use language to be more efficient in business, operations, communications and course correction. How you use, structure, and enhance expression throughout the development of your company is a critical practice in progress and growth. The way you use it to not only analyze, present and translate data has massive impacts on your companies future, so using effective methods to do this is key to continued forward motion. Without solid practices for each presentation method in the CAT system, data could be lost as well as errors can occur, so each department should set up processes to communicate within themselves as well as to the rest of the company with simple and straightforward language. This doesn’t eliminate the need for some structural jargon, but it does allow you to translate the reports across the company without needing to look up specific lingo to make sense of what is being presented.

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Use Enhance Language To Enhance Your Data Communication