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3 Reasons Social Media Leaves Clues About Your Business Impact

Often companies overlook the ability of their social media to leave clues for their overall progress. One of the most significant challenges is for a brand to not only stay visible but also for a brand to remain prominent in other peoples minds thus moving the brand strategy forward to acquire customers. Today I will go over the top three reasons that social communication leaves clues for businesses on messaging and also how you can capitalize on them today.

The first tip is if your social media post is getting no response then your targeting may be off. Many companies target keywords and people who are just not interested in their product or are just comparison shopping at most. This leads to trials and purchases being reversed potentially and poor to no interaction as to why. The aspects presented within the feedback make data invaluable and leaves the company with more questions than answers. What you can do is to make the amount of data useful, is to ask questions or post thematic content for the users. Things like gifs and memes all help the cause of moving forward in business while maintaining the ability to be trendy.

The second thing you can do with social media is sending out polls for service and interest in specific areas. I think this is one of the most underutilized prospecting tools out there. In the book ASK by Ryan Levesque, he talks about hundreds of methods that are beneficial to understanding the prospect along with your audience so that you can have them looking for content. A great brand to look at is online woman’s magazine Yourtango, which went from a print publication to an online powerhouse with over 2 million visitors on their site. They use the power of social media reach to keep interaction high and to get the authors they help on their website seen by thousands of individuals based on hot topics. They know what works and they do it well; thus they continue to thrive and get publishers from many avenues seen and heard.

Third and lastly, focus on quality and not quantity when posting to social. Yes, specific platforms like Twitter have a standard for displaying a certain amount to be seen and heard, but you can see that the quality of the postings has gone up substantially. Not to mention that live events, video and even photos are what drive their business model forward. However, the goal is to do one well, and the others can follow. There is no use in being inefficient in every one of them and getting no results. Practice, learn from those who interact and are in your industry and then put actions in place for your brand. We often don’t observe, learn and synthesize enough to take proper action, so keep the student mentality in mind when applying methods to your business.

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3 Reasons Social Media Leaves Clues About Your Business Impact