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3 Ways Your Company Can Use Other Platforms To Support Users

Using other platforms to support your business and streamline communication is something that’s new and relevant for many companies. In this article, I will discuss the possibilities of keeping your companies conversation with your customer base going, while using other platforms that they commonly use to feed them content and leverage this to open up more business.

The first communication stream that we will cover is that of your companies Facebook page. Facebook has made this asset accessible to all business for multiple reasons, but the main one is as revenue and content building. However, as of late they have rolled out the ability to curate and speak with your users in a thinking manner allowing ratings and responses to happen almost instantly and in live times they also enable auto responses to occur. They then rate you based on the speed of your responses to your customers, and this allows your customer base to see your content while also interacting with the system they love. The best part? It’s all free.

The second system is Twitter and Twitter is known for its unique way of having a character limit on its platform, but did you know that many large companies use Twitter to handle their customer support? I’m talking about companies like KFC and Capital One; even Walmart has Twitter to keep their customer service task at hand and quick to respond. They then can link and get ratings as to how they’re doing and get customer feedback on what exactly is going on with their services. I think it is one of the most underused but valuable systems out there and it is free as well.

Lastly, Facebook messenger as it is part of the Facebook interface it is something that could have gone up top. The reason I have it as a separate part is that to use it you don’t need to have a Facebook user ID. The system allows you to connect via phone number to any of the services while keeping yourself isolated from the pandering on social media. This communication system has now been linked with automated bots that many other companies use to drive customer offer info, order numbers and shipping dates all the to the convenience of the customer. Yes, with some of the more advanced systems that use Facebooks API there will be a few but to have this so easily accessible to your users it is one of the best integrations most people are not using. Even systems like Freshbooks use linear combinations because it allows you to track all kinds of usable data for users to identify their needs and show up with quality services.

There are many more platforms like this that are underutilized by businesses of all sizes so I would highly agree that you need to explore some to see how you could most benefit from the experiences as well as your customers. Being able to use these services can enhance the way you do business and connect with prospects along with streamlining cost and actions for users. If you found this article helpful leave us a note at and leave us a smiley face below.

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3 Ways Your Company Can Use Other Platforms To Support Users