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Gamifying Customer Service For A Better Experience

Let’s face it; customer service can be one of the most challenging areas to deal with in business. There is always the chance of encountering an unhappy customer at the start, middle or end of a process and the way you handle it especially in the online environment could lead to your reputation getting slammed across the internet. However, there are ways in which you can evolve the role of your customer service team, and in this article, we will speak about a few ways in which you can gamify the way customers interact with you to get the best results possible.

The first way you can gamify the customer service experience is to have the ability to suggest articles within the ticket system to necessarily answer the questions users submit. Having this disposable before the ticket is presented; will allow users to browse your growing Q and A database and save you a lot of time. The way to additionally gamify this process is if the customer says this article doesn’t exist then you put that into a cue so that all the missing information or items can be revised to contain the needed data. That way you are both answering their questions as well as preparing a way to have this solved in the future. This example comes from online banking systems which use Q and A’s to filter responses as well as prepare the said responses ahead of time. If the big companies are doing it, then the smaller ones should take note.

Secondly, having interactive, personalized greetings can help you get feedback on products and services before issues arise. Having this option can allow you to get user feedback on the system way ahead of schedule. This way the development team can stay ahead on user feedback and continue product development without sacrificing customer service time to handling all of the queries and feature request. This is especially useful when you use survey systems to take feedback as well as having open conversations with individuals beyond the online landscape.

Third, allow users to upvote using times cues for features. Asking users about a submitted request for a feature through the customer service portal gets them used to interacting with your messages more often, which allows the KLT principle to happen. (Know, Like and Trust) If users begin to become more emotionally invested in the use and development of your product they can stay within the system for a longer period of time and also help you stay ahead of the changing landscape by submitting their needs as they come up. That way, your company’s research time is cut down and you can see where trends are leading.

Lastly, you can have online company events. Asking users to join in on online live or pre-recorded events can allow them to feel heard and thus allow for interaction and gamification of feedback as well as the introduction of features beyond e-mail. There is nothing more exciting and entertaining than online feedback. One of the biggest things that a company needs to consider is using the online feedback method of helping individuals move forward on their journey. This is a critical place many folks fail in their businesses. Even big companies like Evernote have taken this into their approach, and thus have expanded their subscriptions.

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Gamifying Customer Service For A Better Experience