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3 Areas To Organize Your Data For Continued Success

There are many variations of data that one can use to become a success, and I think one of the broadest used forms of data one can use rely on three particular aspects. Those are the site metrics, social media metrics, and sales conversions. These are the essential backbone of any company that stands to not only make a profit but also stands to be able to serve their clients without cutting corners. In any company efficiency is the name of the game, but also making sure that these particular metrics are continually monitored are a must for growth.

On your website, there are numerous ways you can track efficiency from the conversion of your initial home page down to the page that is most visited on your site. All of those metrics can be monitored for free in google analytics and measured daily, weekly and monthly. If you are noticing dips or inconsistencies in your traffic flow, then there could be something wrong with either the site, elements or the way your website demonstrates itself on mobile versus desktop. Heat mapping software such as our software can take the guesswork out of your monitoring user actions because in this case, google analytics doesn’t show you directly how they visually interact per device and how you could correct the issues. Using a combination of both, I believe that any site can be optimized and adjusted for maximum efficiency layout wise. There is the congruency factor of having a clear message and call to action, but that is for an entirely different article.

The most significant hangups in social media monitoring are what are reliable metrics. Often there are vanity metrics that are pushed which lead to little or no fulfillment and a ton of ad spend on the prospect of possibly speaking a message to individuals that did not resonate with them. You can tell if your social media metrics are skewed by the sign-up rate, the show up to your events and lastly the conversions on your sales page or offers. All of these areas need their dedicated tracking setup so that you can monitor the full range of how your social media is working for you in particular. The great thing about social media is that it is most forgiving and can be adjusted based on specific targeting metrics. As long as you avoid overly controversial positioning on segments like twitter, then you should be ok. 🙂 The most significant thing in our modern age that most companies do not do for their products, specifically SaaS, products is live video sessions. There is nothing like demonstrating the power and efficiency of your product to a live audience, and that could bring in a vast number of buyers just based on social shares alone.

Last but not least, are sales conversions. Now sales conversions are essential because they give you fuel to be able to keep selling your products, as well as serving the public efficiently. There are many reasons why conversions could be off including the ease of use for the checkout pages, the copy on the checkout pages, the features and explanations on the checkout pages, the text on your sales page, the color of the button, or even the wording on the button itself. Sometimes companies forget that customers are not willing to dig for their purchase button and they forget to place it in an easy to find area. All of these areas kills products daily on the market. They mostly will render most products helpless unless there is a follow-up type of sales component to the product itself. I have seen companies where you sign up for their product, and immediately someone wants to hop on a phone call with you to explain to your features, answer questions and convert you into a paying client. Those types of strategies are efficient in converting customers into paying clients. Sending e-mails which could be scheduled automatically and calendars that are automated can help you increase the sale of any product no matter the price point. Realize that the more conversations you have and the more times you can have them will always help your user base.

Paying attention to these metrics is how you move your company forward with a broad scope of practice. Having experts in each area is one way of managing these practices, but there are also ways of training your current staff to become more proficient in these areas. You can do systemwide recorded pieces of training, as well as have particular departments use these skills to develop a keen eye if something is off. The worst practice any company can have installed is the isolation of departments. Feedback is necessary on all fronts no matter if it is design or efficiency. The more we can honor each other in the workplace the more likely your company can be a success using simple broad methods that lead to tactical and defined results.

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3 Areas To Organize Your Data For Continued Success