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Connect ActiveCampaign to Datadeck

Summary: A handy workaround to get your ActiveCampaign data into beautiful dashboards.

We are working on providing integration with ActiveCampaign and meanwhile here is a great way to view your ActiveCampaign data on Datadeck.​​

In a nutshell: Zapier puts your data into a Google Spreadsheet, which can be used in Datadeck.

There are two ways of doing this

1. Using predefined options called Zaps.
2. Or you can choose from a list of options called Triggers.

Here are the steps for Set up

1. Login or create a Zapier account

2. Zapier provides multiple pre-made Zaps (ActiveCampaign to Sheet), but you can choose to create a new one as well.


3. Scroll down to see the Zap options

Datadeck suggestions


4. Select the Zap you’d like to use


5. Click “Use this Zap, ” and you will be directed to the instruction page.

Click “Create this Zap” and after setup is complete, turn on the Zap.


6. If the predefined Zap you wish for is not available, you can follow below steps to create the Zap of your dreams.


7. Then you can select different triggers by clicking on the ActiveCampaign icon


If you had any issue setting up the Zap, please check our guidance here.

8. After creating your Zap, it’s time to connect your Google Spreadsheet with your Datadeck account.

9. Log in to your DataDeck account and on the left sidebar click Manage Data, and then select your Google Drive

10. Click Add a new file

11. Now select your just created Google Spreadsheet


12. Now you are all set to create your Dashboard!

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