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Business best practices and product workarounds


3 Areas To Organize Your Data For Continued Success 3 Reasons Social Media Leaves Clues About Your Business Impact Use Enhance Language To Enhance Your Data Communication 3 Reasons Data Can Drive Effective Sales Embed your Dashboard on your website Use Motivational Interviewing To Help Your Customers 3 Ways Your Company Can Use Other Platforms To Support Users Gamifying Customer Service For A Better Experience Evolving your business as the landscape changes 3 ways to prevent churn rate increase in your business Use Data To Make The Right Moves Data mistakes companies make Using Stripe Safely Supporting unity inside of your company as you grow How to Embed your website in a widget on Datadeck? Add an iFrame in Datadeck EU Changes 3 Reasons customer data should guide your business Slack Integration Data-based problem solving for your business Using AI to shorten your workflow Your Companies Machine Learning Advantage Use Data gathering to implement visualization in your business Use data to your advantage in business and life Use your churn rate to your advantage The top 3 reasons most businesses avoid datasourcing Compare two metrics over a specific period of time How to change your login email & username Social Media Tips: Twitter Social Media Tips: Instagram Forecasting Data Improvements Paid and Free ways of populating social media data in Datadeck Updating Google Drive With IFTTT Social Media Tips: Facebook